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ETUDE HC Head and Foot Section
Includes head and foot portion of the deck


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ETUDE HC Head and Footboard
Includes both head and foot board


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Etude HC Homecare Bed Package
ETUDE-HC bed kit includes: Beech head and foot board, power operated head and foot deck sections, 4 function control pendant with function lock outs

Product ID: ETUDE-HC

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ETUDE HC Wood Side Panels
Attractive Beech Accent Panels designed to complement any interior

Product ID: ESP-2716

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ETUDE HC Side Rail 16" x 12" EA
16" x 12" Side rail

Product ID: ESR-2477

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ETUDE HC Side Rail 16" x 16" EA
16" x 16" Side rail

Product ID: ESR-2478

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ETUDE Transport Adaptor Kit
Transport Adaptor Kit for fast and efficient transport and storage

Product ID: ETA-3779

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ETUDE HC Swivel Support Right
Swivel Transfer Support

Product ID: ESSHR-2480

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ETUDE HC Battery Back Up Kit
Emergency Battery Back Up Kit

Product ID: EBBK-4186

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ETUDE HC Verso Side Rails (PAIR)
3/4 Side Support Rail - 15x59"

Product ID: EVSR-1823

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14 Products   |   Showing 1 through 10   |   Next 4
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